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Are you facing, going through or trying to move on after divorce?


Are you experiencing parental challenges?


Are you struggling with stress, anxiety or depression?


If the answer to any of the 3 questions above is yes, then I believe I can help you.


I'm Simon, I'm a divorced Dad with 3 great kids, 2 of which experienced some challenges in their teenage years. I had my own struggles with depression and anxiety and as a result I'm passionate about helping Dad's through challenging times.


As men we can sometimes struggle to deal with our emotions and we're not always the best at talking about what we're going through.

I will work with you through a structured 12 week programme (and beyond if needed), to help you work through your current situation, look at the outcome you want to achieve and explore and clarify your values, who you are, who you want to be, what is important to you. We create goals and the actions needed to achieve them. 


I provide 1-2-1 coaching online via Zoom, in person (Covid permitting) or in "walk and talk" sessions. 

Let's have a chat, it's free and is a chance for us to talk, for me to understand more about what you're dealing with and answer any questions you might have about how I work. If it feels right for us to work together we can talk about that too.