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Hi, how are you?

I'm Simon, I'm a certified Coach and I'm passionate about helping people achieve their goals, and improve their lives.

  • Would you like to make changes to your life?

  • Maximise your performance in sport, your career or another aspect of your life?

  • Manage obstacles such as depression, anxiety, family problems, teenage behaviour?

  • Be supported through divorce?

  • Understand where to focus your energy?


I will provide a compassionate, supportive environment where you are free from judgement, and where together, we can look at your current situation, clarify your values, create a vision of the life you want to live, create goals and put a plan together to help you move forwards. 

It could be that you are struggling with depression, anxiety or with some other challenges in your life. Together we can help you focus on the things within your control and create a plan to move towards a more positive place. 

For organisations, I can provide employee wellbeing support, someone to talk to, and help employees manage any internal or external pressures going on in their lives. We can create a personal plan to help them achieve their goals both inside and outside of work, helping them to feel motivated and capable of achieving all that they want to achieve. A work force that feels valued and nurtured is a motivated one, and Coaching can help achieve that. 

I am happy to work with you wherever you are in the world and depending on location, sessions can be held face to face or online. For face to face sessions I have space in Cookham, near Maidenhead where we can meet. For online sessions I will send you an invite over Zoom where we can chat online. Support is provided through our sessions and also through phone, email and a private facebook group between sessions.

Why not contact me and book a no obligation call to see if I can help you. It's free - you don't have to feel obligated to do any more. It's not an opportunity for me to sell to you, it's about understanding where you are now, where you want to get to and whether you feel comfortable working with me. There's no requirement for you to make a decision on the call. We can just chat and go from there.